Principle Investigators: Maja Kuzmanovic (FoAM, Brussels), Nik Gaffney (FoAM Brussels), Ron Broglio, Stacey Moran Nocek, Adam Nocek


Support: GIOS and ASU Art Museum


Our inquiry is about changing relationships between human and non-human worlds, in what Whitehead calls “mysterious reality in the background, intrinsically unknowable". We’re particularly interested in exploring ecological connections between worldviews, including kami (shinto),
viriditas (christian mysticism) and panpsychism (philosophy). How can we translate animist or mystical attitudes towards interconnectedness of
all life into worldviews compatible with contemporary (or future)techno-materialist societies? What kinds of relationships between human and non-human worlds could be cultivated in an era of mass-extinction? What parallel arts, sciences or technologies become possible if we widen the sentience spectrum? Our focus is on creating experiences to convey or encourage a sense of wonder (e.g. rituals, celebrations, contemplative environments, expeditions, physical narratives, etc). Our media include Romantic Machines, the vegetal mind, expanded publications, human scale systems, non-human technologies and various "disruptive acts of beauty".