Principal Researchers: Adam Nocek, Paul Harris, Ron Broglio, Richard Turner

Collaborators: Katie Jones (Loyola Marymount University), who designed the window graphics, as well as graduate students at the Laboratory for Critical Technics, especially Gabriella Isaac, Charis Elliot, Garrett Johnson, Celina Osana, Angela Sakrison and Zachery Thomas. The ASU Fab Lab, the Synthesis Center and the School of Arts, Media and Engineering provided material and financial support for the exhibition.

The Laboratory for Critical Technics in collaboration with Paul Harris and Richard Turner present Time/Shores, a multimedia installation that invites participants to contemplate the interactions of the geological and human histories of the desert southwest. Incorporating sculpture, video and interactive audio elements, Time/Shores invokes the underwater past and future of the desert.

The exhibition is an outgrowth of a collaboration among artists, philosophers and designers seeking to challenge assumptions about how to situate human history within incomprehensible scales of time in the desert. Each work interrogates how the values and meanings that shape our current geological epoch, the Anthropocene, also frame our capacity to speculate about pre- and post- human geological time.

Combining humor and critique, Time/Shores examines how financial capitalism, speculative real estate, modern science, the catastrophe discourse and industrial-scale production/consumption anchor our imagination of what exceeds us. This exhibition encourages participants to entertain the proposition that speculation requires a critical interrogation of our present.


Exhibition, ASU Art Museum (Project Space), Spring 2017


Process-based research



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